Tuesday 5 December 2023

 Hi Everyone,

We have been contacted by many residents via email and phone about the meeting on December 6th regarding Ash Grove Cement plant. The MWRRA encourages everyone to attend and ask questions! 

Here are some legitimate questions that we have received which may help residents prior to attending the drop in from 4-8pm at the Residence Inn, 2145 North Sheridan Way.

Potential Questions to be Answered

1.     Has the government proposed new emission standards for SO2 and NOX?  If so when is the implementation date?  How many years ago did the process for developing these new standards begin?

2.     If Ash Grove were required to meet the new requirements for SO2 and NOX emissions that all companies in Ontario are expected to meet, how could Ash Grove meet them?  Reduce production, change inputs, change products?

3.     What are the timetables involved in seeking the Ministry of Environment’s permission to exceed SO2 and NOX maximums?  If the community objects, what must the community do and what is the timetable for that?

4.     Is this facility seeking approval to be able to exceed new provincial maximum emissions of SO2 and NOX or is it failing to meet existing standards?

5.     Why should this company be permitted to emit more SO2 and NOX than other companies in Ontario?

6.     What are the health consequences of excessive emissions of SO2 and NOX?

7.     Has it aggregated its proposed excessive emissions of SO2 and NOX with the emissions of other companies in the Clarkson AirShed to determine the health and safety consequences for residents? (Is Ash Grove aware that its neighbour the Petro-Canada plant was taken successfully to the Environmental Appeal Board because that plant was exceeding SO2 standards in place at the time?)

8.     How have the results of the Balsillie report been factored into AshGrove’s request to be permitted to exceed SO2 and NOX emissions?

9.     Has it prepared a study of the impact of the proposed excessive emissions to the Clarkson AirShed?  May we see it?

10. Is it true that coal is the primary fuel used in the process at this facility?  What efforts are underway to reduce the use of coal? What would the alternative fuel be?

11. According to the company website (see https://ashgrovenorth.com/mississauga-cement-plant/community-advisory-panels/), there is no reporting of any meetings of the community advisory panels since 2019. Why is that?

12. Your website notes that your Mississauga facility has been operating for 60 years. How many major rebuilds have been done since its inception? Why and when were the rebuilds done?

Sunday 3 December 2023

IMPORTANT COMMUNITY UPDATE in regards to INDWELL and Ash Grove Cement

Dec. 2nd 2023

Hi Everyone,

I have had many calls and emails over the past week or so in regards to the Indwell development at 1639 Lakeshore Rd. and the Ash Grove Cement plant meeting. Here is the information that I have found out.

In regards to Indwell, the press release was the first notification I had in regards to this development. There was NO prior meeting arranged by our Councillor or Indwell to get our input on this development. There is a meeting on December 13th, 630pm at the Church across from the Homesense plaza. This is the first meeting that Alvin has arranged with the community. As I had questions and concerns I starting doing my own homework to find out what was going on. I joined with a few leaders in Clarkson and had a meeting with the developer to find out what was proposed.

 Again, this project has gotten to this point with NO public consultation and appears to be moving very quickly. The MWRRA encourages residents with concerns to attend the meeting on the 13th and we would like to hear your views afterwards.

Below are the facts I have found out from the meeting with Indwell:

Indwell has two locations in Mississauga. One is in Streetsville and the second is in Port Credit. The Streetsville location is an Enhanced Program. This means more staff and more issues with residents eg. homeless issues, addiction, mental health etc. The Port Credit location is a Blended Program. This consists of part Enhanced and part Standard Support programs. Residents there are more independent. Additionally, the Compass Foodbank is housed on Indwells property.

- The building at 1639 will be what is called a Standard Support Program facility. Standard is more independent than Port Credit and will consist of 50 residents. These 50 residents will have a mix of different needs. For more information on Indwell please go to: indwell.ca

- The property has already been purchased and funding has been provided by the federal government. This was the press release you might have seen with Charles and Alvin shaking hands.

- Indwell meets the zoning for this location and they have said that they are only looking for a couple of minor variances at the Committee of Adjustment (date to be determined).

- Indwell has promised that it will only be a 4 storey building and construction is supposed to be completed by the end of 2024. Indwell has the support of the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel.

- The flyer attached has been put out by a large group of residents in Clarkson. The majority are from the Craftsman building who are directly impacted by the development. I have also attached a couple of visuals that Indwell provided.

In regards to Ash Grove Cement Plant here is what i know:

- Ash Grove is holding an open house information meeting on December 6th from 4-8pm at the Residence Inn, 2145 North Sheridan Way. This is a drop in meeting format. You can come at any time.

- I sit on the Ash Grove CAP (Community Advisory Panel)

- This is an information update to let everyone know that the standards for emissions testing has changed and a new regulatory framework has been put in place, which means new regulation and testing for SO2 and NOx are required. This means tighter restrictions on their emissions!

- Ashgrove assures us that the new testing procedure will not result in increased emissions.

- I know from numbers presented to the CAP that Ash Grove has reduced SO2 emissions by 68% and NOx emissions by 18% over the past years.

- Ashgrove is also required to decrease emissions of CO2 significantly over the coming years. They have described some projects they have taken on, or are looking into, that appear to be innovative and interesting.

- Please attend the meeting and find out this information for yourselves!

Please share the contents of this email with any neighbours or residents in Clarkson!


Sue Shanly and the

Wednesday 9 November 2022



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