Tuesday 14 July 2015

Karen Ras will support the vision of the Clarkson Village Study!

As some of you may know, there is a challenge at the Ontario Municipal Board to over-rule the Clarkson Village Study - so that developers can put buildings over 4 stories tall along the Clarkson Village Lakeshore corridor.

Representatives of all the Ratepayers associations in Ward 2 met with Karen Ras on Monday June 29 to share with her our passion for realizing the vision of the Clarkson Village study.  The outcome of that meeting was that Karen Ras will be supportive of our efforts to keep development in the main core of Clarkson Village to under 4 stories.  Keeping in line with the great work, and vision that was put into the Clarkson Village study.

Karen's support is just the first step, we need to show up at all the hearings to clearly demonstrate to the OMB that we do not want tall buildings in the main core of the village.

Please attend (and encourage your neighbors to attend) the OMB pre-hearing  August 31, 2015 at 10am. City Hall - 300 City Centre Drive - OMB Hearing Room (next to Council Chambers).  The pre-hearing is where we will learn about the rules of engagement and the process for the actual hearing which be held in November.  Showing up does make a difference! At the last pre-hearing the chair noted the significant attendance of residents at the pre-hearing - it clearly sent the message that residents DO NOT want tall buildings in the main core of the village.

What does Clarkson and the Village mean to you???

Hello Everyone, our president Sue Shanly has been asked to speak at the Mississauga South Historical Society event on July 21, 7pm at the Bradley House Museum.  The event will be discussing Clarkson's Past, Present and Future.

Everyone is welcome to attend.  Sue has been asked to speak about Clarkson present and she would like to hear from you!   What does Clarkson and the Village mean to you? 

Please respond in the comments below, or as always, you can send us an email at mwrranews@gmail.com.

Check out the Mississauga South Historical Society's latest newsletter. 

Tuesday 7 July 2015

PanAmazing Community Fiesta!

July 10, 2015 - Join St. Bride's Church for a PanAmazing Community Fiesta!

5-10pm - St. Bride's Church, 1516 Clarkson Road North