Saturday 21 November 2015

An Evening with Bonnie Crombie - Wednesday November 25 - 7pm

Attend OMB Hearing on Monday at 10am - to show your support for the Clarkson Village Study

Hello neighbours,
As most of you are aware, this week is the OMB hearing which will address the proposed height increases on Lakeshore, in Clarkson Village.

The MWRRA would like to encourage everyone who can make it to attend and show your support - just having people attend says a lot to the OMB.

The meeting is in City Hall, and starts at 10am.  Members of the MWRRA will be presenting - we anticipate our presentations will be Monday afternoon and Tuesday.

Saturday 7 November 2015

Deadline for letters to OMB - Friday November 13

Hello Everyone, 
The deadline for writing letters to the OMB is this coming Friday November 13.  Please see the post previous to this one for sample letter ideas. 

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Letter objecting to increased height restrictions on Lakeshore (template).

Hello Neighbours, 
We are pleased to provide you a letter that you can use as a template when providing a letter to the OMB (in opposition of the height increases along Lakeshore in the village).  
Please use this letter as a template, putting in the points you want to use, or adding your own.  We ask that you spend some time customizing it so that the OMB doesn't get a bunch of letters that look exactly the same.    

There are a few ways you can get this text: 
1. Simply cut and paste it from the text below. 
2.  Follow this link and download the Microsoft Word format of the document. 
3.  Follow this link and make a copy of the google doc. 

The content for all 3 is the same.  Just pick the method that is easiest for you.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please post a comment on this site, or send an email to 

If you wish to send this letter, be sure to do so before the deadline for filing participant statements which is Friday November 13. 

November, 2015

Nazma Ramjaun
Case Coordinator/Planner
Ontario Municipal Board
Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario
655 Bay Street, 15th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1E5


Re: OPA 9-Height in C4 Zone in Clarkson Village Along Lakeshore Rd W (Case # PL140799)

Dear Ms. Ramjaun,

I am a resident of Clarkson and wish to express my opposition to the proposed plans for Clarkson Village Lakeshore Road redevelopment.

Clarkson Village stakeholders undertook the Clarkson Village Study (CVS) over 10 years ago to establish a consensual vision for the revitalization of Clarkson Village in keeping with its character and historical significance as Mississauga’s first village, established in 1820.
In particular, the CVS recommended that we encourage and manage growth in a way that   promotes and maintains a vibrant and pedestrian friendly 'main street' in Clarkson Village. Mississauga City Council approved the CVS findings in 2013 and incorporated them into the Official Plan, yet only a couple of years later, Clarkson already faces a major challenge to the years of effort and planning behind these recommendations!
This is not a case of NIMBY. We welcome development and to date have already accepted more intensification than required by the Province. We have undergone significant intensification at our GO transportation node at Southdown/Lakeshore Roads. The additional development within the Walden Circle Retirement Community, Stonebrook l & 2 on Southdown Rd., the Townhomes on the South East corner of Southdown Rd. and Lakeshore and the Satellite development are all prime examples. Currently, we also have over 300 condominium units under construction by Vandyk to the East of the Village and more development is slated for Clarkson Rd. just north of Lakeshore in the near future.
Smart planning dictates that we steer the growth in our Village to the most appropriate places. As such, it is essential to preserve the very small core of Clarkson Village that runs along Lakeshore Road from the train trestle to Meadow Wood Road, as a pedestrian-friendly, vibrant community area by maintaining the height recommended in the CVS of 2-3 storeys on the north side of Lakeshore and 2-4 storeys on the south side of the Lakeshore Road.

The current proposal to go up to 6 storeys will forever alter the character of the Clarkson core and remove what little is left of the village “feel” we are trying to preserve. Increased density and the vehicle traffic accompanying it will reduce the pedestrian-friendly nature of the current area. Lastly, many mature homes backing onto the proposed sites will have large building towering over them where there are currently none, resulting in a reduction on privacy, quality of life and market value. Once built, there is no turning back.
Why would we want to do this? What kind of legacy does it leave behind and what does it say about respecting the wishes of the people that live here in Clarkson? Do we not embrace to notion of stewardship with respect to preserving our village character and honoring our proud history?
I/we wouldn’t be writing this letter if I/we were not passionate about Clarkson Village and its future and trust that you will take these points into consideration by upholding the recommendations of the Clarkson Village Study.  

(Your Name)
(Your Address)

Cc: Bonnie Crombie, Mayor, City of Mississauga:
Cc: Karen Ras, Councillor, Ward 2, City of Mississauga:

Other wording (besides your own, of course) taken from MWRRA deputations that can be added/inserted  to the above letter to generate permutations and combinations:
Ø  Clarkson is not only the first of many Villages in Mississauga. It was home to famous author Mazo de la Roche; it has two (2)  of the City’s very finest museums (the Bradley and Benares) and is the home of the Rattray Marsh. It is important to note that the Marsh would be a paved subdivision if it wasn’t for the active and engaged residents of Clarkson 40 years ago.  Clarkson is unique and this is what we are trying to save and protect.

Ø  Clarkson was the first European settlement in the Mississauga area, with land grants to United Empire Loyalists; we celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2008. It is the historical character of the village we have worked hard to protect.

Ø  Change is expected, but change with some character, reminding residents and visitors that Clarkson has an early wonderful & charming history, well worth preserving in the revised architecture.

Ø  When we started more than 10 years ago the village was described as the portion of Lakeshore Road West running east from Southdown Road to Johnson's Lane.  What we are talking about now is preserving half of that stretch --- from the railway overpass to Meadow Wood Road.

Ø  The Walden Spinney community with its dense streets of townhouses and three high rise apartment buildings is the area closest to the GO station.  When it was completed in 1985 its density was greater than the provincial government's density recommendations of 2012.

Ø  The first phase of the Stonebrook development on Southdown Road across Sheridan Creek from Walden Spinney has 234 units.  A twin tower of 234 suites has been approved but not yet built.

Ø  Since we started the Clarkson Village study process the southeast corner of Southdown Road and Lakeshore Drive has had 87 townhomes developed on it.

Ø  A few years ago the 15-storey Satellite project on Lakeshore Road adjacent the Walden Spinney community was approved for 144 suites.

Ø  The Walden Circle retirement home of eight storeys was opened two years ago.  It has 121 suites.

Ø  Just this year the Van Dyke project on the north side of Lakeshore Road West near Johnson's Lane was approved for 324 suites.

In just the last five years 1144 high rise, mid-rise and townhouse developments have been added to this four block area.  At 2.5 persons per dwelling unit that means 3,000 more people added to the community within a five minute walk of the mid point of the Village at Clarkson Road and Lakeshore Road West.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Council Resolution on Clarkson OMB

That Council consent to the proposed settlement of the appeals by RioCan
(Clarkson) Inc. and the proposed settlement to the proceedings before the OMB by
607074 Ontario Limited consistent with the terms described in this report, and direct
the City Solicitor or her designate to present the settlements to the Ontario Municipal
Board ("OMB").

That Council not support the settlement proposal by Lisgar Development Ltd., Gary
Uhlman, Steve and Dina Makridis, and Steve Zorbas, and directs the City Solicitor or
her designate to attend before the OMB to oppose the appeal of these parties
against Official Plan Amendment No. 9 and Zoning By-law Amendment No. 0194-
2014 and to retain such witnesses as may be required to support the Council

In other words, we are going to settle with RioCan on their application.  We are going to be going to the OMB to continue to fight the other applications.

Monday 26 October 2015

Attend City Council Meeting on October 28th 9am- Ask them to uphold Clarkson Village Study!

On Wednesday October 28th, at 9am, City Council will be voting on whether or not to approve the settlements proposed by RioCan and the other parties as it pertains to the development on Lakeshore.

The Steering Committee, which is a group representing the affected ratepayer groups, will be deposing City Council, asking them to uphold the Clarkson Village Study.  There are 2 ways you can provide your support and have your voice heard:

  1. Show your support by attending the City Council Meeting at 9am at City Hall on Wednesday October 28th. 
  2. Write emails to the mayor or our councillor.  Karen Ras, our Councillor for Ward 2 can be reached at  Bonnie Crombie, our Mayor, can be reached at

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Electrical Rebuild in Clarkson - Update

September 15, 2015 
RE: Electrical System Rebuild for Lakeshore Road West, Clarkson Road South, Missenden Crescent, Perseden Road, Dry Pine Gate, Wylan Court, Angela Crescent and Orr Road. 
A rebuild of the electrical distribution system is scheduled to begin in September 2015 and will last approximately 3 months. Work will include the replacement and relocation of the following: old, decaying poles, power lines, transformers and associated hardware. To meet current Electrical Safety Authority and Canadian Standards Association requirements, it will be necessary to add new poles and associated hardware to locations where none currently exist. 
We would also like to advise that tree trimming will be required on trees that are near our electrical equipment. Trees will be pruned to ensure that a minimum three-year growth clearance and safe distance is maintained from the main power lines. Dead, defective and structurally weak branches may also require removal. 
. It is our intention to carry out this work with as little inconvenience to our customers as possible. However, during this period of construction, there may be some road access limitations while crews are working. Occasional power interruptions will also be required as crews transfer hydro lines. Notification of any planned power interruptions will be delivered to all affected residents in advance. 
Customers can expect to see new poles delivered to their neighbourhood on Thursday, September 17, 2015. Crews will begin work on Monday, September 21, 2015. 
. If you have any questions before or during the course of this job, please contact Mark Bobanovic, Supervisor of Contractors & Forestry at 905-283-4256. 

Monday 19 October 2015

PUBLIC MEETING! This Wednesday (October 21) 7pm - Karen Ras Update

Our councillor Karen Ras has agreed to provide members of the community with an update on the negotiations being held around the development of the Lakeshore Corridor in Clarkson Village.

The meeting will be held this Wednesday (October 21) at 7pm, at Lorne Park high school - in the Lecture Hall.

We look forward to getting this update, and getting Ms Ras' official position on whether or not she supports our community in our desire to keep buildings on Lakeshore in Clarkson Village no higher than 4 stories.

Please attend and hear the update and voice your concerns!

Thursday 15 October 2015

Reminder: Meeting Tonight 7pm (October 15th)!

We have some to share with all residents who are concerned about the development and height proposals for Lakeshore Road.  We have new information , and would like to share that with you tonight - 7pm (until 7:30) at the Bradley Museum Log Cabin.
We also will be sharing the plan for how we are going to fight to keep the height restrictions along lakeshore to 3-4 stories within Clarkson Village.
See you tonight!

Thursday 1 October 2015

October 15th Meeting - come for an update on the OMB Hearing on the Clarkson Village Study

The MWRRA will be holding their next Directors meeting on October 15th at the Bradley Museum in the Log Cabin at 7:00pm.  We are inviting any residents who would like an update on what is happening with the OMB Hearing on the Clarkson Village Study. Particularly Residents who back onto the Lakeshore Rd.!!

We are currently waiting to hear an update from the City's hired lawyer on how the negotiations are going and we will have more information for you then.

The Clarkson Village Steering Committee has been meeting weekly in preparation for the OMB Hearing on Nov. 23rd at 10am. The Clarkson Village Steering Committee is comprised of  different Resident Associations' in Clarkson who have participated for many years on the Clarkson Visioning process and the Clarkson Village Study. We fought long and hard for the Study and want the previous Councils ruling to stand.

See you on Oct. 15th!

Thursday 24 September 2015

Celebrate Mississauga with Doors Open 2015!

 Doors Open 2015 explores Ontario's rich and robust sports heritage.  Explore where some of Canada's finest athletes have trained.  Open the doors to some of Mississauga's most significant architectural achievements.  
Doors Open falls on the Saturday of Culture Days weekend, a three day event that fosters appreciation and support for arts, culture and heritage. 

Thursday 3 September 2015

Saturday Sept 12 - ORR ROAD WILL BE CLOSED.

Please be advised that maintenance of the rail crossing at Orr Road has been scheduled for Saturday September 12th.
The planned work will require the removal of asphalt to gain access to the track bed and will require the closure of the road, both ways for motorists and pedestrians, from 7am until completion of the work, expected to be about 12 hours later. The date will be moved to the 19th if the weather does not cooperate.

Signs will be posted at the crossing beginning early next week and will advise residents of the scheduled closure.  On the day of the work signs will be posted at Southdown Road and Clarkson Road advising residents to use an alternate route.

Friday 28 August 2015

Come to OMB meeting Monday August 31, and let them know we don't want tall buildings in Clarkson Village!

Your Community Residents’ Association has some very important information for all residents who live near Lakeshore Rd. There have been a number of developers who are challenging the Clarkson Village Study height restriction at the OMB.  As many of you may remember Clarkson residents along with Councillor Pat Mullin spent over 10 years coming up with a vision for Clarkson Village which in turn became the Clarkson Village Study.  There is a 3-4 story height restriction along the core of the actual Clarkson Village. This includes the part of the Lakeshore Rd. where Pattinson, Valentine Garden, Steveles and Halsham Ct. back onto the Lakeshore. 

The OMB pre-hearing will take place at: City Hall, OMB Hearing Room – Aug. 31st at 10am.

If the Developers are able to win at the OMB this means that they will be able to build higher buildings on the Lakeshore. It is important for as many neighbours to come out and attend in support of the current Clarkson Village Study and the height of 3-4 stories along this portion of the Lakeshore. 

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Karen Ras will support the vision of the Clarkson Village Study!

As some of you may know, there is a challenge at the Ontario Municipal Board to over-rule the Clarkson Village Study - so that developers can put buildings over 4 stories tall along the Clarkson Village Lakeshore corridor.

Representatives of all the Ratepayers associations in Ward 2 met with Karen Ras on Monday June 29 to share with her our passion for realizing the vision of the Clarkson Village study.  The outcome of that meeting was that Karen Ras will be supportive of our efforts to keep development in the main core of Clarkson Village to under 4 stories.  Keeping in line with the great work, and vision that was put into the Clarkson Village study.

Karen's support is just the first step, we need to show up at all the hearings to clearly demonstrate to the OMB that we do not want tall buildings in the main core of the village.

Please attend (and encourage your neighbors to attend) the OMB pre-hearing  August 31, 2015 at 10am. City Hall - 300 City Centre Drive - OMB Hearing Room (next to Council Chambers).  The pre-hearing is where we will learn about the rules of engagement and the process for the actual hearing which be held in November.  Showing up does make a difference! At the last pre-hearing the chair noted the significant attendance of residents at the pre-hearing - it clearly sent the message that residents DO NOT want tall buildings in the main core of the village.

What does Clarkson and the Village mean to you???

Hello Everyone, our president Sue Shanly has been asked to speak at the Mississauga South Historical Society event on July 21, 7pm at the Bradley House Museum.  The event will be discussing Clarkson's Past, Present and Future.

Everyone is welcome to attend.  Sue has been asked to speak about Clarkson present and she would like to hear from you!   What does Clarkson and the Village mean to you? 

Please respond in the comments below, or as always, you can send us an email at

Check out the Mississauga South Historical Society's latest newsletter. 

Tuesday 7 July 2015

PanAmazing Community Fiesta!

July 10, 2015 - Join St. Bride's Church for a PanAmazing Community Fiesta!

5-10pm - St. Bride's Church, 1516 Clarkson Road North

Thursday 11 June 2015


The 2015 picnic, which was scheduled to be held on Saturday June 20, has been cancelled.  2 things drove this decision:
1.  The Bradley Museum's rental rates increased dramatically this year.  While this event is never a money-maker, the increased rental costs will make our financial loss even greater. 
2.  We did not get enough willing/able volunteers to do all the work that goes into pulling  off this great event.
Let's start now to make sure this picnic happens next year! We need people to volunteer to run and coordinate it.  If you are willing and able to help plan for next year's picnic, please submit your information in the "Contact Us" section of this site - just to the right of this post.... 

Wednesday 3 June 2015

MWRRA Annual Picnic 2015

Every year, our community looks forward to our annual picnic, as always, held at the Bradley Museum grounds on Orr Road.

This year, we hope to hold the picnic on Saturday June 20th, starting at 4:30pm.  

We are very short on volunteers.  In fact, our need is so great, that the picnic is in jeopardy of being cancelled.   Specifically, we need people to help with food and Children's games.  Please contact us at if you can help out, or contact Trity Dow at 905-822-6233.

We'll confirm on this site whether or not the picnic will actually occur - stay tuned!