Monday 26 October 2015

Attend City Council Meeting on October 28th 9am- Ask them to uphold Clarkson Village Study!

On Wednesday October 28th, at 9am, City Council will be voting on whether or not to approve the settlements proposed by RioCan and the other parties as it pertains to the development on Lakeshore.

The Steering Committee, which is a group representing the affected ratepayer groups, will be deposing City Council, asking them to uphold the Clarkson Village Study.  There are 2 ways you can provide your support and have your voice heard:

  1. Show your support by attending the City Council Meeting at 9am at City Hall on Wednesday October 28th. 
  2. Write emails to the mayor or our councillor.  Karen Ras, our Councillor for Ward 2 can be reached at  Bonnie Crombie, our Mayor, can be reached at

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