Friday 28 August 2015

Come to OMB meeting Monday August 31, and let them know we don't want tall buildings in Clarkson Village!

Your Community Residents’ Association has some very important information for all residents who live near Lakeshore Rd. There have been a number of developers who are challenging the Clarkson Village Study height restriction at the OMB.  As many of you may remember Clarkson residents along with Councillor Pat Mullin spent over 10 years coming up with a vision for Clarkson Village which in turn became the Clarkson Village Study.  There is a 3-4 story height restriction along the core of the actual Clarkson Village. This includes the part of the Lakeshore Rd. where Pattinson, Valentine Garden, Steveles and Halsham Ct. back onto the Lakeshore. 

The OMB pre-hearing will take place at: City Hall, OMB Hearing Room – Aug. 31st at 10am.

If the Developers are able to win at the OMB this means that they will be able to build higher buildings on the Lakeshore. It is important for as many neighbours to come out and attend in support of the current Clarkson Village Study and the height of 3-4 stories along this portion of the Lakeshore. 

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