Thursday 21 January 2016

What do you want to hear about at our Annual General Meeting?

Hello neighbours!
The MWRRA directors are planning for our Annual General Meeting which will be held in April.  We always strive to line up speakers/discussions that address areas of interest to our residents.

The best part of this new site is that it's interactive!  You can comment on each post... so take a minute and let us know what you would like to hear about at this year's AGM.

At the end of every post on this site, you will see an area where you can click to add a comment (just like on the picture below).  Simply click on "comment" and join the conversation!


  1. a few years ago you had the local police come and talk to us about our neighbourhood. They talked about crime statistics and I found it very interesting. It would be great to hear from them again.

  2. I would like to hear what the City is doing to address the coyote problem. My understanding is that this is becoming a significant issue in surrounding neighbourhoods (i.e. Oakville, Port Credit) and now there have been a number of sightings in our area as well. I am sure a number of residents have concerns over the safety of their pets and would like to hear more on this.