Saturday 2 April 2016

Want to Exchange your Garbage and Recycling Bins? You can starting April 1!

Recycling and Garbage Cart Exchange Begins In the Region of Peel April 1, 2016
Brampton, ON (April 1, 2016) - Region of Peel residents who use carts for curbside collection of garbage and recycling, can exchange for a smaller or larger size from April 1 – April 30 without incurring fees.  Organics (green) carts are one size only and cannot be exchanged.  
“Now that our residents have used their carts for three months, they are likely more aware of the amount of waste their household generates.” remarks Norm Lee, Director, Waste Management, Region of Peel. “Making sure residents have cart sizes that are best suited to how much or little waste their household generates will help them successfully participate in the bi-weekly waste collection program.”
To exchange garbage and/or recycling carts, residents must visit
Residents are advised of the following important cart exchange information:
  • Due to the potential volume of carts exchange requests, the Region of Peel advises that it may take approximately 6 – 12 weeks for carts to be exchanged.
  • Residents who need to exchange BOTH their garbage and recycling carts must process the request in ONE online transaction. 
  • Residents can only submit ONE request to change their cart sizes during the month of April without incurring fees. 
  • Once ONE free transaction is completed in the month of April residents will not be permitted to process a second request.
Please note: Carts must be empty, visible and accessible for the vendor to complete the exchange. 
Garbage carts will be exchanged the day after residents’ garbage day and recycling carts will be exchanged the day after their recycling day.  Residents are advised that garbage and recycling carts will be exchanged separately and should be set out to the curb adhering to their alternating garbage and recycling collection schedule. 
If residents’ carts are not exchanged by 8 p.m. the day after their collection day, they must:
  • bring the cart back to their household for proper storage and continued use for two more weeks;
  • set the cart  out for collection according to their regular schedule; and, 
  • leave the cart out until 8 p.m. on the day that follows their regular scheduled garbage or recycling collection day
Residents must repeat these steps until their carts are exchanged.
If residents do not need to exchange their carts, but require maintenance or to report a lost or stolen cart, they can visit to process a request. 
For more information about waste management services in the Region of Peel visit
Allison Reynolds
Communication Specialist, Waste Management

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  1. Good News !!! If Peel people Want to Exchange their Garbage and Recycling Bins? They can start from April 1!
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