Sunday 12 May 2019

MWRRA Spring 2019 Newsletter

The MeadowWood Rattray Residents Association-Spring 2019 Newsletter

President’s Message

Greetings to everyone in the MWRRA neighbourhood!

2019 has become the year of transformation or change. Changes that will be impact us as Residents of Clarkson, Mississauga, the Region of Peel, and as citizens of the Province of Ontario.

There will be many development pressures coming in the months and years ahead. The Clarkson Transit Area (TSA) Study has asked for community feedback to help create a vision for the future of this area. This will be an area of intense development. Along with the other developments along the Lakeshore there will be more than 60,000 people/cars moving into the Lakeshore corridor from Southdown Rd. through Lakeview. 

The government of Ontario has decided to review Regional Governance across Ontario. This review has been rushed, conducted without any unbiased research/studies and the government plans to make the decision that will impact all of us for decades to come in a 2 month time frame. Shouldn’t the residents of Peel ultimately be the ones to decide the fate of their region? Mississauga Council is pushing for secession based on a rushed Report and limited research. The Region’s Deloitte report and the City’s Corporate Report are contradictory. As a Resident it is very difficult to make a decision for Secession, Amalgamation or Status Quo based on the data currently available. Go to our website for more information –

Sue Shanly, President MWRRA

MWRRA-Annual General Meeting
Green Glade School – Wed May 15th
Doors open at 6:45pm.
AGM starts at 7:10pm.

Highlights for discussion:
 Local development updates, many changes are coming to Clarkson area
 Regional Governance Review – Amalgamation, Secession or Status Quo?
 Concerns: Section 37, LPAT, PDC meetings, Traffic, Pollution & Conservation
 Our local elected officials will be there to answer questions.
*Come out and hear what’s happening in your Neighbourhood! Do you have concerns about the neighbourhood? Let us know and we will address the top questions/concerns at the AGM. Email your issues to Sue Shanly at by May 15th.

MWRRA Annual Picnic
Tentative date is Sat, June 22nd at the Bradley Museum 4:30 - 9:30pm
 Meet your Clarkson neighbours!
 Enjoy food and refreshments!
 Listen to live music featuring local guitarist Rob Tardik!
 Games for kids of all ages!

We are looking for volunteers for the Picnic. We can’t hold a picnic without volunteers! High school volunteer hours can be earned as well!
Call Sue Shanly - 905-822 2409 or to volunteer.

Join the MWRRA!
Buy a one year ($10) or two year membership ($20)
Show your support and lend strength to our association. Membership fees are our only source of revenue and are used to offset the costs of the annual meeting, newsletters, annual picnic etc. A cash reserve is maintained to cover legal costs if required to protect our residential interests. For example, going to the OMB!

How to buy a membership:
Deliver or mail your membership fee, with your name, address, phone number and email address to our Treasurer, Don Harrington or to any Director/Street Captain close to you!

MWRRA Directors and Street Captains

Vivienne Brash (Street Captain)
1298 Watersedge Rd.

John Campana (Street Captain)
1348 Watersedge Rd.

Tamara Chipperfield (Director)
1830 Pattinson Cres

Trity & Steve Dow (Street Captains)
1741 Valentine Gdn.

Don Harrington (Treasurer)
824 Daley Ct.

Ed Martell (Director)
926 Halsham Court

Liz Murray (Street Captain)
925 Clarkson Rd. S

John Pegram (Past President)
434 Apple Lane

Sue Shanly (President)
978 Fletcher Valley Cr.

Marj Rubinsztajn (Street Captain)
1705 Sunningdale Bend

Anne Smyth (Street Captain)
579 Old Poplar Row

Rob Sylvester (Director)
936 Halsham Court

Larry Tasker (Director)
894 Baltimore Ave.

Robin Walker (Director)
1552 Stonehaven Dr.

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